Agrolux ALF1000 DE Commercial 240-277v

Agrolux ALF1000 DE Commercial 240-277v

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Now Available from Holland

The ALF1000 2.1 is the follow up of it s successful predecessor ALF1000. Agrolux Holland proves again to be the worldwide leader in Greenhouse supplemental lighting systems.

The ALF1000 2.1 is completely redesigned and unique to the industry. The light fixture is equipped with its own energy efficient electronic ballast, super-deep reflector with integrated heat shield and a 1000 watt 400v high output European double-ended lamp with 10,000 hour performance!

This light is truly professional grade. This is the exact same light used by the world's largest greenhouse operations around the world. Unlike some other so-called "commercial" grade lights, we made no changes to this light for the North American retail grower market.

3rd-party lab tested to outperform the market leader by 5% (2% less electricity, 3% more PAR light) - there is no other light in the world which outperforms the Agrolux ALF1000.

Technical Specifications:

  • Light bulb: HPS 1000W/400v double-ended from Europe
  • Dimensions:18" L, 9.25" W, 10.23" H
  • Voltage: 240/277V
  • Amp: 4.5/3.9 amps
  • µMol: 2,100 output/10,000 hr life
  • Power Cord: 10' length 240v
  • Weight: 8.6 lb
  • Convenient & Fast bracket mounting
  • Easy to clean/replace reflector
  • Compact "on-top" ballast positioning allows for level and perfect hanging

The ALF1000 2.1 Performs Better On:
  • Temperature - with integrated heat shield and fixture engineering the ballast runs well within specs to stay at the optimal temperature for reliability and performance
  • Ease of hanging - our included professional wire hanging bracket allows for easy and fast fixture hanging. With the design of the light, the fixture is perfectly balanced to hang straight and level every time. No eye-bolts on this one.
  • Electrical usage - Our professional E-Ballast operates at a .99 power factor and uses less electricity than any 1000w DE system in the world
  • Safety - UL approved design, and German made Vossloh-Schwabe lamp holders make the ALF1000 extremely safe.
  • PAR/watt - With the 2,100 µmols/s high output European 1000w/400 volt lamp and energy efficient ballast designed to operate as a team it produces more PAR per watt than any other light.

The ALF1000 2.1 ballast housing is an aluminum die-cast product which is powder coated white. The housing is extremely compact in design. Using energy-efficient electronics, cooling ribs on the housing and a heat shield, the light fixture runs cooler than others.


The ALF1000 2.1 is equipped with an American 240/277v electronic ballast. The the ALF1000 2.1 is designed with a "on top" horizontal electronic ballast. The electronic ballast is equipped with over-voltage protection and regulates the light output even when the voltage fluctuates up or down. The ballast also has on-board diagnostics and LED indicator to warn the user of inherent problems. The LED status indicator will flash one of 7 unique codes to tell you when it senses a problem.


The applied reflector system is the Super-Deep. The reflector system is made in Germany and the Super-Deep design protects the lamp from becoming too warm. High temperatures reduce the lifetime and output of the lamp. The reflector is made of a specially treated aluminum alloy type MIRO 9. The alloy has a light reflection of 96%. The hammer pattern of this material provides excellent uniformity and radiates deep into the crop. To ensure that the electronics of the light fixture remain cool, a special heat shield is mounted on top of the reflector.


240/277 volts with integrated voltage protection

Includes a premium 10ft cord and plug

2,100 umol/s bulb with a 10,000 hour lifespan

German, 96% efficient Miro9 reflector penetrates deeper into crop

German made VS lamp sockets the safest available today

Integrated heat shielding for optimum reliability and performance

Intelligent ballast with LED status indicator

Power factor of .99%

Only 8.5lbs! Lightest and smallest DE system available

2 year warranty ballast, 1 year lamp

Bulb Detail:

AUVL NH 1000 W, 400 V high-pressure sodium lamp

Ideal for cultivation with a highest light demand

High proportions of red and blue light guarantee efficient photosynthesis

Highest output of PAR light (2.100 µmol/s) promotes photosynthesis

Lots of red light for more photosynthesis and good plant development

Blue light for a robust, compact plant structure


Output: 1000 W

Current: 4.8 A

Voltage: 230 V

Ignition voltage: 3.2 kV

PAR light: 2.100 µmol/s

Expected service life: 10.000 hours

Art. No. 16000311

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