HOMEbox® Grow Tents

Upgrade to the ultimate growing environment! 

HOMEbox® Evolution represents the culmination of everything we know about growing plants indoors. Ever since we invented the original portable grow tent back in 2001 we haven’t stopped innovating and improving. The result is HOMEbox® Evolution – our most advanced portable grow tent to date. Quite simply, it forms the ideal space for growing plants indoors, unsurpassed by any other grow tent on the market. 

PAR+ is our super reflective lining, developed exclusively for HOMEbox® 
PAR+ is a “smart material” which reflects more plant-usable energy (PAR light) and less heat at your plants. Other lesser reflective materials have been shown to shift the spectrum of grow lights and create more infrared radiation (heat). 
Our PAR+ super reflective material is the primary reason so many growers report higher growth rates and markedly improved crop quality over lesser competitor non-PAR optimized grow tents.

The original grow tent, and still the best!