powerPAR 200 watt LED

powerPAR 200 watt LED

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New powerPAR high output LED
Low maintenance - no bulbs, capacitors, or ignitors to replace
Fewer, more durable parts
5 year full warranty vs 2-3 year for HID
Lower light output depreciation, longer lifespan
Nearly every single watt converted to PAR light
Much less heat output = Much less HVAC costs
Lower amperage = lower install costs
Instant on 100%. No warm up period for bulbs
The first TRUE replacement for HID lights
ROI on our LED vs HPS:
How fast?
Energy savings alone ~
Retrofit = 2.7 years New = 1.4 years

Energy savings + increased yield ~
Retrofit = 6 months New = 3 months

We can show you the ROI calculation for your project. Just ask!
How do they do it? How is it so bright?
We could tell you, but then we would have to kill you.
Just kidding.....here is how.
Breakthrough technology means Illumitex LEDs can maximize light extraction at the die and package levels, allowing the smallest LED lighting form factor available anywhere on the market. By directing light into precise beams with perfect edge-to-edge color uniformity, Illumitex LEDs deliver the highest amount useful light directly to the desired target while consuming less energy. And with Illumitex s breakthrough Digital Distribution (DD) technology, the ability to create luminaires with 50% 90% of light within the beam angle also produces the sharpest cut-offs available industry-wide without secondary optics. With this innovative design shift, Illumitex precision LEDs can lead to a new world of infinite possibilities.

Revolutionary beam angle control
Maximum light on plants
Custom spectra for various species
Highest delivered PPF per watt
No need for secondary and tertiary optics
IP66 wet location rating
Unrivaled color uniformity
Reduced fixture and lamp size
Our LEDs deliver 65% of photons within the beam angle.
The result is as much as 30% more light on plants than the competition.
Made specifically for Cannabis
The F1 spectrum is suitable for a variety of marijuana species throughout their growth cycle. It contains a high proportion of red light, which spurs photosynthesis during the vegetative growth stage and facilitates the flowering stage. It has the highest photon yield efficacy of all custom Surexi spectra and is recommended for applications with a tight electrical energy budget.

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